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The college campus is situated along Umar Khali Road, Near Bistan Naka, Khargone, approximately 3 KM from Bus Station towards South. Auto Rickshaws are available 24 Hrs.

Khargone (खरगोन) is a city and a municipality in Khargone district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Khargone region was formerly known as West Nimar (पश्चिम निमाड़). It is the administrative headquarters of Khargone District. It is situated at the bank of River Kunda. KHARGONE is famous for cotton and chilly production. It is also famous for Navgraha Mandir, a temple devoted to the Nav Grahas (Nine Planets]

Khargone is about 150 Km from Indore 90 Km away from Khandwa, a major junction of Central railway.