Modern Office Management


The changing business and Industrial scanaria at national and international level has put the executives uder tremendous pressure. They require the services of varied knowledge persons, who able to assist human running office efficiently and indecision making. This department has aim to help industry with the persons who can help executives in every type of office work in the office equipped with latest machines and computers.

This department offers 3 year unique diploma programme to the extent that it combines conventional practices of a Secretarial job coupled with the Computer-aided management techniques and tools relevant to the Modern Office Practices and envisages competencies and skills oriented office personnel at the entry level in any sector of the Industry. 

Initial in 1990 the department was running as “Commercial Practice”. latter on in 1995 it is converted into Modern Office Management.


The Department has well equipped typing,Computer and Business equipment & communication lab which helps the students to be competent in Hindi, English typing, Short-Hand practice and hands-on practice of office equipments, Office Management Computer, Taxation etc are also included in curriculum.

More emphasis is given on practical work, for this purpose various labs have been set up with latest equipments. Morever the students are provided the training in the courses in the industry itself, Industrial assists are also arranged during course.