Computer Science


The Mission 
“The computer science department is committed towards achieving high academic standards and values to prepare Computer Science and Information Technology graduates and MCA post graduates to meet international standards”

The Department

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) was established in 2006. The Department headed by Er. S.S.Mukati aims at bridging the gap between the vast resources of information and the student's eagerness to acquire knowledge.

The Department offers 3 year diploma course in Computer science & Engg. with intake capacity of 60 Students

The department with the passage of its evolution and growth has succeeded in creating its place of excellence not only within the college but among its counterparts in the state. It has been attracting bright students from all parts of the country for quality education in computer science at Diploma levels

 The faculty forms the nerve of the department. The Internet facility has been provided, so that our students come out with knowledge of latest technology in both software and hardware. Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, a lot of effort is given on hands-on training and overall development of the individual's personality. The department has excellent computing facilities which include Pentium based computer systems, scanners, servers, laser printers etc, with the required software